What is Email Hosting and how can it help your Business?


When you think of email, it is sure to remind you of the email services you use like Google, which does not put any restriction on the amount of storage you get. However, business emails have varied email needs that have a huge contribution to the smooth functioning of your business. It does make a significant impact on businesses big and small. Hence, it is a good idea to find and invest in an efficient email hosting service for your business.

There are several Windows and Linux shared   providers in India that offer free email hosting as part of their package, however, your business requires more power and features to perform optimally. Email hosting services include a different mail server committed solely to your emails. Before we jump into the benefits of email hosting in India for your business, let us take a quick look at what email hosting entails.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting includes a server that houses all of your emails and similar folders. So whenever your business will receive an email, it will be automatically sent online to the server and stored there. These emails are scanned to ensure that they do not contain any malicious content like viruses or spam and there is a filter to ensure their sender is not linked to any criminal activity. The server admins then decide which emails to send a response to and several such actions.

The server you choose for your web hosting can be the one you look to host your emails on as well, or you can select a different hosting company altogether. Email hosting providers could be focused only on those services; however, most businesses provide a wide range of web hosting services in India.

Now that we know, what email hosting is, check out how your business can benefit from it?

  1. Security

Email hosting services focus on security, which leads to complete data encryption. Hence, the data in the version of emails when sent and received to the server is completely encrypted. Therefore, the whole time that you are using your account for various business activities, all of your correspondence is entirely hidden from prying eyes.

Several email hosting providers offer 128-bit encryption to ensure advanced safety as well. It is an airtight security measure that ensures the privacy of your sensitive and confidential messages from people with malicious intent. Therefore, your email data is entirely safe.

  1. It will Boost your Brand Consistency

Email hosting allows you to have your domain name in your email address, which helps your brand come across as highly professional and boosts its consistency. One of the main elements of a well-established company is its audience being able to recognize it without hesitation.

It is an optimum business functioning for your audience to associate your products and services with your brand. It is the same with your emails too. Any divergence in your brand can prove to be a problem in reaching your audience and being recognized.

Your audience can access your brand better if you project a firm brand identity that can help them get in touch with you. This can help you connect with your customers better.

Another important factor of email hosting is its ability to let you host multiple addresses without any problem. Therefore, you could have a separate email account for different departments such as support, marketing, etc. This will help direct the right emails to the appropriate person in your company.

  1. High SSD Storage

Storage is one of the main issues the majority of companies wrestle with in free email hosting. While it is easy to get rid of emails if you run out of space in your private correspondence, it is not that easy for your business as several emails could contain important information that cannot be deleted. Business email hosting deals with this quite well as they provide scalability and will increase your storage if you find the need for it.

Email hosting services provide 99.95% uptime, the latest tech storage devices, 5GB storage, and a guarantee of added space at a minimal price. Moreover, efficient email hosting providers will host your emails in a strong framework that will ensure email security and accessibility.

Uptime is extremely important for the smooth functioning of businesses of all sizes as it helps your customer support team provide better service. With guaranteed maximum uptime, it is the perfect way to keep vital information protected and stored in an extremely safe place.

  1. Backups 

Email services that you get free are prone to experiencing downtime and might stop working all of a sudden. It is also vulnerable to becoming a victim of hacking and other malicious attacks. If a disaster occurs and you have not backed up your data, it could cause irreparable damage and it will be lost forever. Your business could take a hit if you lose your emails containing sensitive information.

  1. Various Tools should be a Part of your Email Hosting Package

Your workflow can receive a substantial boost if your email hosting in India has a variety of features. For example, your marketing ventures could greatly benefit from a PHP List, along with a tool to deal with the lists and newsletters. Email hosting tools are invaluable as many businesses still rely on email marketing to convert customers and boost revenue. Hence, it is important to choose an email hosting services in India that has all the tools you need.


Every business requires emails to keep their clients and employees in contact, which makes the entire framework an integral part of your success. Does your email service deal with sensitive information and deal with a lot of customer interaction via emails such as contracts, etc.?

Then business email hosting in India is the perfect option to help simplify the process. Email hosting is also budget-friendly because you do not have to hire in-house staff to deal with your email accounts and various other responsibilities.

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